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Banking reform

How the private banks create money that regulates the economy which controls the politics, and what are the consequences of this financial dictatorship for the rest of society, for example a non-productive cost of hundreds of millions each day.


Geopolitics is when politics, history and sociology are analysed with a reference to geography. Strongly related to foreign politics, which at the moment decides the domestic politics, and also to the global economy that is directed through control over strategical flows of natural resources, payment infrastructure and the means of payment.

Emotional understanding

To understand and evolve our own feelings, thereby getting out of the philosophical materialism that permeates the world, by changing the emotionally loaded personal values that keeps us in the circle of greed and self-interest.

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Summary of the financial system

Money in digital form is created from debt as interest-burdened credits. When government or private individuals take out a loan they do it primarily from privately owned banks - whenever a debt certificate is written, and this is how money

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The NeoTiger

The Swedish tiger (meaning "keeping silent" in Swedish) plugged into Investor's matrix, getting his subconscious interrogated 24/7 through communications, purchases and internet searches. The wires are drawn from each place where

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The choice to remain formatted

Every four years we have the opportunity to cast our vote. Meanwhile, we’re trying to keep up with the increasing pace of society, hear about the central bank’s inflation goals, feel some concern about the house prices, maybe get a new