The NeoTiger

The Swedish tiger (meaning “keeping silent” in Swedish) plugged into Investor’s matrix, getting his subconscious interrogated 24/7 through communications, purchases and internet searches.

The wires are drawn from each place where Facebook’s, Amazon’s and Google’s server capacity is located, ie Luleå, Västerås, and Avesta, collecting information protected by the unique Swedish FRA law, which allows Sweden to be a kind of storage for all global surveillance.

It surely hasn’t been overlooked – at least in this forum – how information management today accounts for 80% of modern warfare, which is primarily conducted in terms of opinion building against its own population, so control of the wire is crucial given that knowledge is power and power is the means to break resistance.

The telecommunications infrastructure is like the country’s central nervous system, and without controlling it, all the world’s peoples are powerless to its operators as a consequence of the hostage situation thus arising regardless of which leader the people choose to govern them.

One could then easily argue that all countries of the world are banana republics, or more precise “Investor republics,” if we look at those who operate without being seen within the framework of all governments around the world.

Read more about the FRA law

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