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We are The Free People’s Movement, a Swedish group describing the geopolitics that underpins where we are today in Western society.

We have mainly done this in Sweden so far, but since modern warfare is based on 80% information handling, 15% economy and 5% kinetic military action, we have finally decided to launch our message in English for a number of good reasons:

What’s been missing in alternative media is the role of the small, “neutral” country Sweden from a historical perspective to the present, which, more than any other country on the planet, has been behind most geopolitical incidents for the last 100 years and more, something we will report with all desirable clarity here on our website and social media channels, for you truth seekers out there on the international arena.

If modern warfare to 80% is based on information handling, and this information is transferred across a telecommunication infrastructure controlled by private interests, it’s in everyone’s highest interest to find out who is controlling “the wire” – the hardware required for any information to be able to move at all, be it bank transfers, electronic warfare, missile guiding, emails, Facebook statuses, cryptocurrencies, or shopping history.

We want to expose those who control this global telecom infrastructure originating from Sweden – Ericsson, as owned by Investor – or more clearly put, the financial family Wallenberg, a family whose motto is “Esse non videri”“To be without being seen”.

The conclusion after drawing the historical and political connections up until now is that the very core of the Deep state operates from here, since the one who controls the telecom infrastructure controls everything else in the information society we live in.

Although we are Sweden’s fastest-growing banking reform movement:

  • We haven’t received as much as a side note in the owner-directed opinionist media
  • Our YouTube channel has repeatedly been shut down
  • We have been blocked on our politicians’ official channels
  • We have been slammed with limiting algorithms on the social platforms
  • We’ve been threatened by extremist groups, hated, stigmatized, etc.

This is why we are now reaching out to the rest of the world, as we need help to once and for all put an end to the insanities of the Deep state, which more than anything else have characterized our world in modern times.

Being located in Sweden, we know the language, the political and business networks, and can literally provide you with inside information that won’t disappoint. Give us a shout-out and join us on our social media channels, this is just the beginning!

How it started

The Free People’s Movement, or just “The Free”, was founded in 2013 as a Swedish political party, but steered in 2015 away from the partisan course, to avoid the division that happens as a result of thought-limiting ideologies.

Our goal now is to contribute to an aware and informed population. We have no political ambitions more than raising awareness of how society works and what people ultimately vote for. Without that awareness, if people know nothing about who and what they vote for, we have no actual democracy.

Our goal to advance society

Our social view is based on the individual’s understanding and commitment. We want a society where all people are regarded and treated equally, with dignity and as individuals.

To get there, the individual must understand how society works, which means that information availability is crucial. Democracy is based on an enlightened and conscious population, in an open and transparent information climate. Therefore we have selected three topics that we believe are the most important for understanding the foundations of modern society:

  • Banking reform: Society’s most immediate problem is the destructive consequences of the current financial system, in the way money is created and then distributed through the banks’ own payment infrastructure. Those who control the money supply control the economy that regulates politics, which is why economic democracy is the prerequisite for all true democracies.
  • Geopolitics: The private banks’ money controls the economy that regulates the politics, in more detail the economy is dictated by controlling: a) the strategic flow of natural resources, b) payment infrastructure, and c) the means of payment. These are, for example, used to maintain geographical chokepoints, create military conflicts and migration through terrorist organizations, by financing extremism that shifts focus away from the underlying problem of the financial system. This global geopolitical game is important to understand since, in the current state of affairs, foreign policy determines our domestic policy.
  • Emotional self-understanding: In order to get out of our present situation and not repeat it, the individual must understand himself which in turn allows understanding of his surroundings. Understanding the basis of our emotions and how they can be exploited is really the most important of these three areas. This is why we don’t focus on solutions; that makes no sense before enough individuals understand the problem or even that a problem exists. Solutions served on a silver platter, accepted without any considerable thought, is what has put us in our current situation.

Accusations and a disclaimer

Unfortunately, on the internet, there are those who for various reasons do everything to defame initiatives that can lead to lasting improvements for people and society. This has been the case towards De Fria for a long time, and on Swedish websites, you will find serious accusations and attempts of slander.

We distance ourselves from all kinds of extremism, both left and right, instead, we are trying to expose those for what they are – upholders and beneficiaries of a polarized society where people fight among themselves instead of addressing the real issues at hand. We advise everyone to scrutinize the critics instead of being a victim of simple scare tactics and labeling.

Our hope

Is that an aware and informed population understands the need for and chooses to implement financial reform, to get rid of the private banks’ control of our money and their destructive influence on the economy and politics.

Our English website is small at the moment, but if you check out our Swedish site, you’ll see the years of commitment and diligence we put into spreading awareness and information to everyone ready to listen!

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