Trump sheds light on North Korea and Sweden’s involvement there

An American president has crossed the demilitarized zone (DMZ) for the first time to set foot on North Korean soil, and strangely enough for the majority of the humanitarian superpower Sweden, it was President Trump, not some other “peace-loving” president who has dropped “good” and “democratic” bombs around the world since the border was established in 1953.

The Swedish press and the more emotionally controlled individuals will react with forming opinion and proclaim that this is just a “propaganda trick”, but there is something very important being highlighted by putting the light on North Korea, which is the connection to – and this comes as a surprise to nobody anymore – Sweden!

Sweden’s neutrality exploited

Following the ceasefire on the Korean Peninsula in 1953, the “Neutral Nations Surveillance Commission” was created. It is the United Nations Command, the Military Armistice Commission (UNCMAC), which is part of the mechanism governing North-South Korean relations. According to the ceasefire, 4 high-ranking officials from neutral nations were to be appointed, where the UN command chose Switzerland and Sweden, while the Korean People’s Army and the Chinese People’s Volunteer Army chose Czechoslovakia and Poland.

Sweden later became the only western country from 1975 that established an embassy in Pyongyang as a protecting power, where diplomatic relations have been maintained between North Korea and the Five Eyes countries – England, USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. The fact that it was the Swedish Investor-owned company ABB led by Donald Rumsfeld who sold nuclear reactors to Pyongyang in 2000, raises legitimate questions if the expressed goal of peace has really been the endeavor. Especially when Donald Trump has succeeded in unfreezing Washington’s relations with Pyongyang in just a few years, (something Sweden has failed since 1953), by excluding Sweden from the negotiations.

Nuclear power became nuclear weapons

The reactor agreement with North Korea was politically – from an outer perspective – part of former President Bill Clinton’s attempt to get North Korea positively engaged with the West. The idea was to reduce the tensions on the Korean peninsula by offering oil and light water reactors in exchange for letting nuclear weapon inspectors get access to the country.

Instead, it was precisely the nuclear threat that became the consequence of that maneuver, which is why it’s difficult not to get the impression that was the purpose – that is, as usual, to establish conflict in order to create a market for the military-industrial complex at a later stage, where Swedish interests and especially the Wallenberg family have been heavily invested for several centuries.

The Silk Road is ready for peace

During this time, the Korean peninsula has been preparing for peace. Dorasan is a train station in South Korea built close to the North Korean border, just outside the demilitarized zone.

No trains depart yet for obvious reasons, but everything is completed and ready for a symbolic starting point for imperialist-free trade relations throughout Asia, Russia, and – if the people in the Western world begin to listen to reason instead of warmongering politicians – Europe.

The Silk Road is ready to be actualized in South and North Korea.

Now that Sweden is out of the picture in North Korea, when President Trump prefers to speak directly with Kim Jong-un rather than through the Swedish representative, the chance has increased significantly for better relations, economic cooperation and hopefully a military settlement in the area. Kim met China’s President Xi in Beijing in 2017 and met with South Korea’s President Moon Jae-in in the demilitarized zone in april 2018, and now Trump has also shown his goodwill in the matter and has literally taken one step further than ever.

Thus, sunshine is on the agenda, and since this has happened in rocket speed after Sweden’s departure as a mediator, it’s clear that it is not because of our efforts that peace is spreading throughout the world.

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