The Deep State

The Deep State is a real, but informal structure that has emerged not only to benefit from, but also to control, the state.

The Deep State aims for its own material maximization of profit and is governed by individuals we can call intelligent gangsters.

The Deep State has had its own life, like the government itself. It (still) consists of:

  • Selected top employees in a dozen Praetorian-like agencies, such as CIA, NSA and FBI
  • The best generals, admirals and other military agents
  • Long-term MPs and ministers
  • Directors for important regulatory work.

All these functions of the Deep State are controlled the a small number of individuals who can, to some extent, control and influence the circulating amount of money that regulates the economy that in turn controls the politics, and therefore has nothing at all to do with the concept of democracy in any generally accepted and actual meaning.

But this Deep State is also much broader than just the governing level. It includes the managers of large companies, all of whom are strongly committed to and are selling to the state. It definitely includes the Defense industry, even though these guys at least have a sense of humor, as evidenced by their “Make no harm” motto. It also contains all the so-called “best” people of the Central Bank, and the heads of all major banks, brokers and insurance companies.

Add ministers and many university professors, where the universities serve as Deep State’s recruitment centers, all with the highest media reputation of course (the origin of so-called educated hooligans). Also included are regulars on events like the Bilderberg Meeting and the Council of Foreign Relations. They summarize the status quo, held together by power, money and propaganda, packaged in cognitive formatting. It’s a sliding scale, everyone is not completely egoistic and everyone is definitely not altruistic.

In total I guess these people are numbered in maybe a thousand or so. You can compare the structure of the Deep State with a large herd of dogs. The people I have just described are the best dogs – for this particular type of system – a system that are now failing against their will and they can’t understand what is happening, because that would force them to question themselves and their own values. There, the cognitive dissonance strikes.

But there are hundreds of thousands more who are not directly connected, but who are indirectly dependent on the Deep State, and have great willingness to support the Deep State because it supports them indirectly. This includes many of the wealthy, especially those who got that way thanks to their indirect government connections… the many people who have top secret leeways for planning – bribes like Telia and Ericsson in Uzbekistan, Iran, Belarus, Mongolia etc. (it is possibly a shocking, but accurate, description)… and therefore, of course, the best players in organized crime in general, especially the circus involving illegal drug activity like in Afghanistan – enter HSBC, which is indispensably needed to finance extraction concessions in more or less exotic countries where peace and democracy are progressed through violence (which could not exist at all without the government’s inclined aid somewhere far behind the curtain.) Plus therefore, also the entire middle layer within the police and military, corporations and large NGOs.

These people do not very often understand what is really happening from a larger perspective, but still contribute for the sake of their own life puzzle, and are therefore what you can call useful idiots.

The problem for the Deep State now with those useful idiots is the information mobility that comes with the internet and the social interactivity that leads to a changing and increasing transparency. This in turn leads to a decline in confidence for the system, and both the usefulness and the idiocy of people start to disappear – dissolve – in the system. The general awareness grows when people dare to let go of their illusions.

There is no foreign department on the planet which can do without the intelligence services that are in turn dependent on control over the telecom infrastructure.

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